Social Media Importance

When it comes to social media there is a lot of content that people like to post all over the place, and it doesn’t really matter which platform you like the most because the odds are that on all social media platforms there will be a bunch of really interesting and also really annoying and stupid content that is forced upon you right in your face whether you are using a laptop, cell phone or tablet it gets shoved right in front of your nose on your screen and you are forced to see it. Social media in general has definitely changed a lot about our culture and how we communicate with all of our friends it really has done a lot of different positive and negative changes for all of humankind all over the world in every single country and on every single continent.

Of course there are places in the world that still don’t have reliable internet connections, but for the most part everyone in the industrialized world either has social media or is relatively aware of what it is and probably just chooses to keep themselves off of sites like Facebook and MySpace for personal reasons. Shit, even my mom is on Facebook these days, and she is always sharing posts all over the place and she has become one of the most prominent people on my newsfeeds, which is kind of funny. Of course my dad wants nothing to do with any of that kind of stuff and will never, ever be on any type of social media except maybe linkedin or something more professional like that. It’s a funny balance between the type of people who are on social media platform websites and the type of content that they share and post with all of their friends and family, and of course there are businesses that are always trying to promote themselves on social media all of the time, and for the most part it is the commercial outlets that have the best content because they are taking it super seriously and know that there is a lot of potential in money when it comes to the type of content that they post to their feeds. When it comes to people’s personal pages it’s a lot different and for the most part people just post the dumbest things on social media sites because they are either just kind of a dumb person and want to get attention for how the hot they are or something like that or they just genuinely like and don’t mind annoying the crap out of all of their friends and family members that they are connected to on social media websites.

One thing that really grinds my gears about the type of content that I am always seeing on social media sites is that people are now constantly taking pictures of their cats, and this is really annoying to me because I really don’t like cats all that much and I think they are pretty much wastes of money and not even that good of pets to have in general yet alone picture worthy content for everyone that I know on social media. But no, it doesn’t matter when it comes to a cat lover and their cats because they will constantly take pictures of their beloved feline and put it all over the place just to rub it in that they have the cutest cat in the world that just so happens to be just as boring as they are and they both just live cat lifestyles of just chilling, sleeping and barely moving around inside a house. I think this is part of what makes cats such crappy pets, because if you seriously have a cat and it doesn’t go outside ever for its entire life, then what the hell did you get it for. I think if you have an indoor cat that never goes outside then it’s obviously going to live a really strange lifestyle because it won’t know shit about the outside world and it also is going to become way more of a hassle for the owner than a fun thing to have, do you know what I mean?