Social Media For Your Critters!

There’s no doubt about it that social media has really changed how the world functions at a really big basis, and it’s funny to even think about how the world was before we had websites like MySpace and Facebook kind of dominating all internet traffic and keeping us informed about our friends and all that kind of bullshit, and oh my gosh if you can remember MySpace then you definitely remember the fact that everyone had a top 10 or top list of their best friends on the site, and how mean is that to keep your friends in a list like that. I remember being in conversations with my friends like dude, how could you rank me behind Becky? You’ve only known her for like a year and you’ve known me for like 7 years. That’s totally not fair, bro. It’s really probably one of the worst features of the entire MySpace website, but what are you going to do because there is no telling what can really happen as long as we keep doing our same old things on social media and just doing nothing with our lives pretty much and sulking away just becoming robotic in nature and just screwing ourselves and our entire culture. Now, don’t get me wrong because I know that there are definitely a ton of different benefits that sites like MySpace and Facebook and all other forms of social media have definitely created in terms of our friendships, but I really don’t think that the benefits of social media outweigh the negatives of what has happened to our lives and our relationships as humans, and that’s just the god honest truth about it, and I’m starting to get really sick of all the stupid shit I am starting to see on a regular basis on social media sites because it really is starting to get annoying.

I can’t tell you how annoying some of my newsfeeds have become in recent years, and it didn’t always used to be like that, but for some reason as time has gone on people have seriously become dumber and dumber in terms of the content that they post up for all of their friends and family to see on social media. One thing that I have noticed being really trendy in recent years is that for some weird and stupid reasons people think it is ok to start posting pictures of their cat or cats on a daily or sometimes multi-daily basis, and I just don’t know how to explain why people think this is such a funny thing to do. Now, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against cats in general and I do think that a lot of times they are really cute animals, but of course I think dogs are more entertaining and more fun to have as pets. It’s true that I have never had a real pet cat before, but I did make friends with a stray cat a few years ago that I would feed and keep around sometimes, and his name was Louie and everyone really like him. A couple times I would wake up and he would be in my bed with me, and although that was a little weird because it was a stray cat it looked and smelled clean so I didn’t mind all that much.

And I will admit that when I was hanging out with Louie a bunch a few years ago I was posting pictures of him on social media, and now that I think about it I was just one of those people who swarm newsfeeds on Facebook with pictures of cats. It’s actually kind of funny how much people take pictures of their cats because they are sometimes really cute, but it’s like this weird effect they have on people. Maybe it is because they are just really timid and like to crawl around slyly around you that makes them really photogenic and cute and cuddly to have on a social media feed. There’s no actual telling why so many people like to post pictures of their cats on social media, and I don’t think we will ever truly get down to this cultural phenomenon but it definitely is a trend that is getting more and more popular as the years go on, and I kind of think it should stop but now I feel like I am one of those people who does this too so I’m just as bad as all the other cat lovers!