Social Connect

When it comes down to it social media has just simply changed the world in both positive and negative ways for all of humanity around the world, and although some of the positives are really great there are still some really weird negatives that have occurred through the emergence of websites like Facebook and MySpace and how they have completely changed our society and how we try to impress our friends all the freaking time on a daily basis it seems like.

I wonder what it was like before social media, because I was pretty young when it started to get popular and I was just at the age when it became kind of the cool thing to do to impress your friends, so in a way I’ve always grown up with the idea that social media was the way that you impress your friends about your life and all that jazz, but I wonder what it was like before social media in terms of how people gloated and tried to make themselves seem a lot better and more fun then all the rest of their friends. It’s kind of funny to think about because I bet people just weren’t thinking about things like that before social media, but now that we are all so closely connected to each other online there is no telling how else we would go about gloating to all of our friends because in a way we are always doing this on social media even if we think we are just sharing pictures us and our friends it still is a way to gloat, or show how shitty your life is, and those are always the worst types of shares. No one likes to see anything negative or sad on social media, but it does happen quite a lot because these are sites in which people can post anything that they want and because of that people are posting things surrounding all different types of emotions, and for the most part all the emotions that get shared on social media are about someone’s current state of mind and that does not always seem to be a positive and a lot of times it is negative because people have started to use social media as an outlet to get their negative emotions out of them and express them to other people, but it just so happens to be public expression of negative emotion which is kind and always will be pretty annoying.

One of the more annoying things that I am constantly seeing on sites like Facebook and Instagram is pictures of people’s cats, and I can’t tell you how annoying I find it that people are trying to share the pictures of their cats as an expression of themselves and their current states of mind and emotions. I really don’t care how cute you think your cat is because when it comes down to it your cat really is not cool because all cats aren’t cool and they are just weird animals that roll around and do nothing all day, which is kind of what some humans are like now in the social media age, which is really sad and not a cool thing at all. I can’t imagine ever owning a cat, yet alone constantly posting pictures of any cat on social media for all of my friends and family to see because I would consider these pictures to be kind of embarrassing about my life and I don’t want to give off the image of myself that I am boring or live in a situation where there are a lot of cats hanging around in general, although I do see cats in my backyard just hanging out on a regular basis.

So this entire website is dedicated to the fact that people post pictures of their cats on social media, and I think that if you are the type of person who does this then you can defend yourself on this site, but also if you are the type of person who really hates these types of people you will find a lot of like-minded individuals on this site who also are really annoyed with the fact that their friends are posting pictures of their cats.