Get the Cute Ones of Your Loved Ones

There have been a lot strange things that have come out of the social media age that has just started since the emergence of MySpace and Facebook, and for the most part when we think of things like these social media sites we think about how it really has connected all of us a little bit differently than we have ever been connected before, and for the most part social media in general has done a lot more good than bad in terms of our culture and just connecting us all online and giving us all online identities, but for some reason it also has had some really strange negative effects on our culture and has kind of dumbed us all down a little bit and made our friendships not as cool or just kind of more boring because it is now so easy for us to stay in touch we now don’t necessarily make as much of an effort to keep in touch with all of our friends, so it’s kind of a double edged sword when it comes to how it has affected overall human relationships. On one hand or edge of the sword we see that we have all of a sudden started to be able to connect to easily with people no matter where they are in the world, and that has never been the case ever in the history of mankind because it always used to be so hard to stay in touch with people when they moved away to far away countries or places that we are no where near, and this is such a great advancement for all of us because we can literally be anywhere in the world and keep in touch with our friends through Facebook. While on the other edge of the sword we have started to not even really care that much about keeping in touch with our friends on a more intimate level and have kind of started to rely upon Facebook to stay in touch with our friends when in fact we are just looking at some pictures of them and just leaving sly comments, and this has in turn made our relationships less real and more of a cyber connection that isn’t as intimate as actually talking to people on the phone or in real person, which is what people need to have healthy relationships no matter how well connected social media makes up become.


Also there has been some really strange occurrences or trends that have started in the social media age, and what really stinks about social media is that people like to post the dumbest things about their lives on a regular basis, and I can’t tell you how annoying that can be for someone who is actually trying to keep in touch with their friends and all you see is pet and cat pictures. It’s really weird how so many people are taking pictures of their cats on social media these days, and sometimes I just wonder just how much they can get out of taking pictures of their cat or cats for that matter and then share them with their friends. I mean, it’s one thing to just post up pictures of yourself all the time and keep people kind of informed about yourself and your life, and that’s the whole purpose of having a personal profile, to have pictures of yourself up there, and what’s so funny is that a lot of the time all we see is people taking pictures of their cats and posting it online for all of their friends and family to look at, and usually it’s not even that cool of a picture because it’s just simply a picture of a cat just doing what cats typically do which is like licking themselves or just laying around in a bed.


So if you just so happen to be the type of people who like to take pictures of your cat then you should probably find a new website, although this entire website is solely dedicated to people who take pictures of their cat, it is definitely going to bash the crap out of your genre of personality and how annoying you are on social media. So go out and do something productive with your life and leave your stupid cat at home!