Facebook Pages For Your Pets

There is definitely a fine line between politically correct and just flat out annoying when it comes to posting content on social media, and for the most part I think people are OK about what they post in terms of politics, but at the same time there are so many people who get really heated about the political system, especially in the United States, and for the most part the people who are the most annoying just so happen to be conservative, even though liberals are definitely still really annoying on social media all the time as well.

The truth of the matter is that politics is just a small topic about what is discussed on websites like MySpace and Facebook and Instagram, and for the most part the discussions and conversations that we have with people through social media is usually not very intelligent and is actually usually pretty stupid, but there are some rare moments when social media can actually bring about a good topic of conversation amongst some intelligent people and I think this is one of the better purposes for social media. But yes, of course the entire subject of social media is very controversial and can be very complicated very quickly because of course when we think about social media it does have really good intentions, but it is definitely not used to the best of its capabilities because as we all have seen throughout the years people generally post really stupid and idiotic messages to people and share them with anyone and everyone that they know.

That goes for a lot of different topics but the topics that generally come into mind are the pictures when we are out with our friends drunk, pictures of our food and of course pictures of our pets and other animals that we come across. I think for the most part that when people take pictures and videos of their dogs and post them on social media it is not necessarily all that annoying and a lot of the time it is actually pretty cute, but for some reason when people post pictures of their cat or cats it is super annoying and just not entertaining at all. Maybe I’m just not that interested in cats in general or maybe I’m just a hater of all things cats, but that’s not really the case because I do like a lot of cats, but I just don’t care to see all of my cat loving friends’ pets and see how stupid their lives are.

I think this has a lot do with the lives of cats and dogs, and for the most part we all know that dogs can be in really great situations for pictures like on hikes and in really great outdoor adventures, and dogs can be really good at being in front of cameras too because they are really intelligent animals, but when it comes the lives of cats it is just so boring because they rarely ever go outside and they just kind of sit around and hide from their owners all the time and just do nothing all the time. That’s part of why when I see people posting pictures of their cats I can’t help but wonder that the lives of the people who own these cats are just really boring just like their cats, and for the most part that is a really sad thought because people could be so much more fun if they weren’t always posting pictures of their cats on to social media sites.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who likes to post copious amounts of pictures of your cat on social media sites and share pictures of your cat or cats to all your friends and family on a regular basis, well then I have some news for you, and that news is that no one really cares about you and your cat and you should probably just stop your cat’s life while your ahead and just move on with your life and not have a cat anymore. Go adopt the cat or do something else with it, but just stop sharing with all of us that you have a cat because it is not cool or entertaining ever, and it is always just super annoying.

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