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Social Pets!

There is a lot I can say when it comes to social media and how much it has changed the ways in which we have friends in the modern age, or the digital age, or whatever you want to call the age in which we currently live in. Being 24 years old it is safe to say that I grew up with social media and as a young child I was really intrigued by it and I still think it is interesting today, but of course there are a lot of different aspects of social media that I like, and of course a lot of different aspects of social media that I do not like. This entire website has been dedicated to social media and some of things that I really don’t like about it, especially when it comes to the fact that people post pictures of their cats all the freaking time on my news feeds, but we will get back to that in a little bit because first I want to talk about social media in general and how it has made us all into little robots who are always trying to look for attention from our friends even though we don’t really need that attention and can get just as good if not better human relationships out in the real world as opposed to online.

Now, don’t get me wrong I think it is really great that we can now very easily keep in touch with our friends no matter where they live in the world now, and through social media it is safe to say that we have never been more connected as a human race as we are today, and when I am traveling or just not in the same area as my friends I see great opportunities that I would normally not have if I didn’t have access to social media sites. On the other hand, though, there are a lot of negative effects that I have noticed through this connection that we all now share through social media, and that is mainly that we now are really lazy when it comes to staying in touch with our friends because we can easily just do so online, but although a lot of us do make an effort to reach out to people online it is not the same as having a phone conversation or talking in person and actually spending some real time with someone. But of course now that we are all super connected through the internet we are all way too busy for some reason in terms of making time for our friends and family and just can slide them into our schedules as we so choose to do so, which to me is pretty selfish and not a very cool thing to do in general.

OK, now let’s talk about how people post a bunch of pictures of their cats on social media, because to me this is one of the most annoying, atrocious and boring things that people do online, and I can’t help but notice that more and more people are posting pictures of their cats online like it is some kind of cool trend in sneakers, but the truth of the matter is that cats have always been boring animals and even though you can share pictures of them in awkward positions on your bed that still doesn’t mean cats are any more interesting than they have always been. Now, you can call me a cat hater, or you can call me a dog lover, but the truth is that I do enjoy the company of cats, but when I am in the company of cats I never feel the urge to share a picture of that cat with all of my friends and family. Another thing about cats is they can ruin your rugs and then you have to get an oriental rug restoration done. But if you just so happen to be the type of person who likes to share pictures of their cats on social media, then you should just stop, think about your life for a second, go outside and then get some fresh air without your cat and move on with your life and find something cool in the outside world to post and share with your friends that is much more worthwhile and entertaining.

Social Connect

When it comes down to it social media has just simply changed the world in both positive and negative ways for all of humanity around the world, and although some of the positives are really great there are still some really weird negatives that have occurred through the emergence of websites like Facebook and MySpace and how they have completely changed our society and how we try to impress our friends all the freaking time on a daily basis it seems like.

I wonder what it was like before social media, because I was pretty young when it started to get popular and I was just at the age when it became kind of the cool thing to do to impress your friends, so in a way I’ve always grown up with the idea that social media was the way that you impress your friends about your life and all that jazz, but I wonder what it was like before social media in terms of how people gloated and tried to make themselves seem a lot better and more fun then all the rest of their friends. It’s kind of funny to think about because I bet people just weren’t thinking about things like that before social media, but now that we are all so closely connected to each other online there is no telling how else we would go about gloating to all of our friends because in a way we are always doing this on social media even if we think we are just sharing pictures us and our friends it still is a way to gloat, or show how shitty your life is, and those are always the worst types of shares. No one likes to see anything negative or sad on social media, but it does happen quite a lot because these are sites in which people can post anything that they want and because of that people are posting things surrounding all different types of emotions, and for the most part all the emotions that get shared on social media are about someone’s current state of mind and that does not always seem to be a positive and a lot of times it is negative because people have started to use social media as an outlet to get their negative emotions out of them and express them to other people, but it just so happens to be public expression of negative emotion which is kind and always will be pretty annoying.

One of the more annoying things that I am constantly seeing on sites like Facebook and Instagram is pictures of people’s cats, and I can’t tell you how annoying I find it that people are trying to share the pictures of their cats as an expression of themselves and their current states of mind and emotions. I really don’t care how cute you think your cat is because when it comes down to it your cat really is not cool because all cats aren’t cool and they are just weird animals that roll around and do nothing all day, which is kind of what some humans are like now in the social media age, which is really sad and not a cool thing at all. I can’t imagine ever owning a cat, yet alone constantly posting pictures of any cat on social media for all of my friends and family to see because I would consider these pictures to be kind of embarrassing about my life and I don’t want to give off the image of myself that I am boring or live in a situation where there are a lot of cats hanging around in general, although I do see cats in my backyard just hanging out on a regular basis.

So this entire website is dedicated to the fact that people post pictures of their cats on social media, and I think that if you are the type of person who does this then you can defend yourself on this site, but also if you are the type of person who really hates these types of people you will find a lot of like-minded individuals on this site who also are really annoyed with the fact that their friends are posting pictures of their cats.

Facebook Pages For Your Pets

There is definitely a fine line between politically correct and just flat out annoying when it comes to posting content on social media, and for the most part I think people are OK about what they post in terms of politics, but at the same time there are so many people who get really heated about the political system, especially in the United States, and for the most part the people who are the most annoying just so happen to be conservative, even though liberals are definitely still really annoying on social media all the time as well.

The truth of the matter is that politics is just a small topic about what is discussed on websites like MySpace and Facebook and Instagram, and for the most part the discussions and conversations that we have with people through social media is usually not very intelligent and is actually usually pretty stupid, but there are some rare moments when social media can actually bring about a good topic of conversation amongst some intelligent people and I think this is one of the better purposes for social media. But yes, of course the entire subject of social media is very controversial and can be very complicated very quickly because of course when we think about social media it does have really good intentions, but it is definitely not used to the best of its capabilities because as we all have seen throughout the years people generally post really stupid and idiotic messages to people and share them with anyone and everyone that they know.

That goes for a lot of different topics but the topics that generally come into mind are the pictures when we are out with our friends drunk, pictures of our food and of course pictures of our pets and other animals that we come across. I think for the most part that when people take pictures and videos of their dogs and post them on social media it is not necessarily all that annoying and a lot of the time it is actually pretty cute, but for some reason when people post pictures of their cat or cats it is super annoying and just not entertaining at all. Maybe I’m just not that interested in cats in general or maybe I’m just a hater of all things cats, but that’s not really the case because I do like a lot of cats, but I just don’t care to see all of my cat loving friends’ pets and see how stupid their lives are.

I think this has a lot do with the lives of cats and dogs, and for the most part we all know that dogs can be in really great situations for pictures like on hikes and in really great outdoor adventures, and dogs can be really good at being in front of cameras too because they are really intelligent animals, but when it comes the lives of cats it is just so boring because they rarely ever go outside and they just kind of sit around and hide from their owners all the time and just do nothing all the time. That’s part of why when I see people posting pictures of their cats I can’t help but wonder that the lives of the people who own these cats are just really boring just like their cats, and for the most part that is a really sad thought because people could be so much more fun if they weren’t always posting pictures of their cats on to social media sites.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who likes to post copious amounts of pictures of your cat on social media sites and share pictures of your cat or cats to all your friends and family on a regular basis, well then I have some news for you, and that news is that no one really cares about you and your cat and you should probably just stop your cat’s life while your ahead and just move on with your life and not have a cat anymore. Go adopt the cat or do something else with it, but just stop sharing with all of us that you have a cat because it is not cool or entertaining ever, and it is always just super annoying.

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Social Media Importance

When it comes to social media there is a lot of content that people like to post all over the place, and it doesn’t really matter which platform you like the most because the odds are that on all social media platforms there will be a bunch of really interesting and also really annoying and stupid content that is forced upon you right in your face whether you are using a laptop, cell phone or tablet it gets shoved right in front of your nose on your screen and you are forced to see it. Social media in general has definitely changed a lot about our culture and how we communicate with all of our friends it really has done a lot of different positive and negative changes for all of humankind all over the world in every single country and on every single continent.

Of course there are places in the world that still don’t have reliable internet connections, but for the most part everyone in the industrialized world either has social media or is relatively aware of what it is and probably just chooses to keep themselves off of sites like Facebook and MySpace for personal reasons. Shit, even my mom is on Facebook these days, and she is always sharing posts all over the place and she has become one of the most prominent people on my newsfeeds, which is kind of funny. Of course my dad wants nothing to do with any of that kind of stuff and will never, ever be on any type of social media except maybe linkedin or something more professional like that. It’s a funny balance between the type of people who are on social media platform websites and the type of content that they share and post with all of their friends and family, and of course there are businesses that are always trying to promote themselves on social media all of the time, and for the most part it is the commercial outlets that have the best content because they are taking it super seriously and know that there is a lot of potential in money when it comes to the type of content that they post to their feeds. When it comes to people’s personal pages it’s a lot different and for the most part people just post the dumbest things on social media sites because they are either just kind of a dumb person and want to get attention for how the hot they are or something like that or they just genuinely like and don’t mind annoying the crap out of all of their friends and family members that they are connected to on social media websites.

One thing that really grinds my gears about the type of content that I am always seeing on social media sites is that people are now constantly taking pictures of their cats, and this is really annoying to me because I really don’t like cats all that much and I think they are pretty much wastes of money and not even that good of pets to have in general yet alone picture worthy content for everyone that I know on social media. But no, it doesn’t matter when it comes to a cat lover and their cats because they will constantly take pictures of their beloved feline and put it all over the place just to rub it in that they have the cutest cat in the world that just so happens to be just as boring as they are and they both just live cat lifestyles of just chilling, sleeping and barely moving around inside a house. I think this is part of what makes cats such crappy pets, because if you seriously have a cat and it doesn’t go outside ever for its entire life, then what the hell did you get it for. I think if you have an indoor cat that never goes outside then it’s obviously going to live a really strange lifestyle because it won’t know shit about the outside world and it also is going to become way more of a hassle for the owner than a fun thing to have, do you know what I mean?

Social Media For Your Critters!

There’s no doubt about it that social media has really changed how the world functions at a really big basis, and it’s funny to even think about how the world was before we had websites like MySpace and Facebook kind of dominating all internet traffic and keeping us informed about our friends and all that kind of bullshit, and oh my gosh if you can remember MySpace then you definitely remember the fact that everyone had a top 10 or top list of their best friends on the site, and how mean is that to keep your friends in a list like that. I remember being in conversations with my friends like dude, how could you rank me behind Becky? You’ve only known her for like a year and you’ve known me for like 7 years. That’s totally not fair, bro. It’s really probably one of the worst features of the entire MySpace website, but what are you going to do because there is no telling what can really happen as long as we keep doing our same old things on social media and just doing nothing with our lives pretty much and sulking away just becoming robotic in nature and just screwing ourselves and our entire culture. Now, don’t get me wrong because I know that there are definitely a ton of different benefits that sites like MySpace and Facebook and all other forms of social media have definitely created in terms of our friendships, but I really don’t think that the benefits of social media outweigh the negatives of what has happened to our lives and our relationships as humans, and that’s just the god honest truth about it, and I’m starting to get really sick of all the stupid shit I am starting to see on a regular basis on social media sites because it really is starting to get annoying.

I can’t tell you how annoying some of my newsfeeds have become in recent years, and it didn’t always used to be like that, but for some reason as time has gone on people have seriously become dumber and dumber in terms of the content that they post up for all of their friends and family to see on social media. One thing that I have noticed being really trendy in recent years is that for some weird and stupid reasons people think it is ok to start posting pictures of their cat or cats on a daily or sometimes multi-daily basis, and I just don’t know how to explain why people think this is such a funny thing to do. Now, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against cats in general and I do think that a lot of times they are really cute animals, but of course I think dogs are more entertaining and more fun to have as pets. It’s true that I have never had a real pet cat before, but I did make friends with a stray cat a few years ago that I would feed and keep around sometimes, and his name was Louie and everyone really like him. A couple times I would wake up and he would be in my bed with me, and although that was a little weird because it was a stray cat it looked and smelled clean so I didn’t mind all that much.

And I will admit that when I was hanging out with Louie a bunch a few years ago I was posting pictures of him on social media, and now that I think about it I was just one of those people who swarm newsfeeds on Facebook with pictures of cats. It’s actually kind of funny how much people take pictures of their cats because they are sometimes really cute, but it’s like this weird effect they have on people. Maybe it is because they are just really timid and like to crawl around slyly around you that makes them really photogenic and cute and cuddly to have on a social media feed. There’s no actual telling why so many people like to post pictures of their cats on social media, and I don’t think we will ever truly get down to this cultural phenomenon but it definitely is a trend that is getting more and more popular as the years go on, and I kind of think it should stop but now I feel like I am one of those people who does this too so I’m just as bad as all the other cat lovers!

Get the Cute Ones of Your Loved Ones

There have been a lot strange things that have come out of the social media age that has just started since the emergence of MySpace and Facebook, and for the most part when we think of things like these social media sites we think about how it really has connected all of us a little bit differently than we have ever been connected before, and for the most part social media in general has done a lot more good than bad in terms of our culture and just connecting us all online and giving us all online identities, but for some reason it also has had some really strange negative effects on our culture and has kind of dumbed us all down a little bit and made our friendships not as cool or just kind of more boring because it is now so easy for us to stay in touch we now don’t necessarily make as much of an effort to keep in touch with all of our friends, so it’s kind of a double edged sword when it comes to how it has affected overall human relationships. On one hand or edge of the sword we see that we have all of a sudden started to be able to connect to easily with people no matter where they are in the world, and that has never been the case ever in the history of mankind because it always used to be so hard to stay in touch with people when they moved away to far away countries or places that we are no where near, and this is such a great advancement for all of us because we can literally be anywhere in the world and keep in touch with our friends through Facebook. While on the other edge of the sword we have started to not even really care that much about keeping in touch with our friends on a more intimate level and have kind of started to rely upon Facebook to stay in touch with our friends when in fact we are just looking at some pictures of them and just leaving sly comments, and this has in turn made our relationships less real and more of a cyber connection that isn’t as intimate as actually talking to people on the phone or in real person, which is what people need to have healthy relationships no matter how well connected social media makes up become.


Also there has been some really strange occurrences or trends that have started in the social media age, and what really stinks about social media is that people like to post the dumbest things about their lives on a regular basis, and I can’t tell you how annoying that can be for someone who is actually trying to keep in touch with their friends and all you see is pet and cat pictures. It’s really weird how so many people are taking pictures of their cats on social media these days, and sometimes I just wonder just how much they can get out of taking pictures of their cat or cats for that matter and then share them with their friends. I mean, it’s one thing to just post up pictures of yourself all the time and keep people kind of informed about yourself and your life, and that’s the whole purpose of having a personal profile, to have pictures of yourself up there, and what’s so funny is that a lot of the time all we see is people taking pictures of their cats and posting it online for all of their friends and family to look at, and usually it’s not even that cool of a picture because it’s just simply a picture of a cat just doing what cats typically do which is like licking themselves or just laying around in a bed.


So if you just so happen to be the type of people who like to take pictures of your cat then you should probably find a new website, although this entire website is solely dedicated to people who take pictures of their cat, it is definitely going to bash the crap out of your genre of personality and how annoying you are on social media. So go out and do something productive with your life and leave your stupid cat at home!