Hello my name is Laura and I am a European who has been in the cat photography industry for a very long time, but just in recent years I decided a very long thought and after a lot of consideration that I wanted to get out of the cat industry in terms of photography and move on with my life and become a much more productive member of society. Now, you must understand that when it comes to who I am and what I have done with cats, it was strictly just to make money and that is it because I have always despised cats for some strange reason, but I do understand that they are very photogenic and people love posting pictures of their cats online because they know that they can get a good response from their friends and family because cats are always really cute creatures and are always looking for attention just as much as the people who like posting pictures of cats on social media want attention.
So please, enjoy my website about the fact that people post pictures of their cats online and we’ll talk more and in depth about how annoying this is and how this trend needs to stop as soon as possible.